In the past I have had knee and leg pain for a while. I was driving home and saw the advertising on the window. I have been looking for a chiropractor for awhile. When I walked in I was greeted by Dr Paul with a friendly smile and right away made me feel comfortable. First time getting adjusted my experience was amazing my knee and leg pain went away I was surprised. I will be coming back soon to cont my treatment and will be riding that bike in no time . The best bet the price range are affordable. Already recommending my friends and family.

– German D.

Been getting adjusted by Dr. Paul for years now. Always gets me back to feeling like new after a sore back or stiff neck, etc… Highly recommend him.

– Juan V.

Got help with Dr. Tripp 2 times, he is really professional and kind. I got protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc, and thanks for Dr. Tripp save my life appreciate his help. Hope anyone with same problem can get help too.

– Milly G.

One thing about Dr. Paul is the relationship he created with me and my family. He is very personable and loves to laugh. His care is top notch as well. I’ve been to other Chiropractors who do the minimum when it comes to adjustments; Dr. Paul listens and has an adjustment for everything. From head to toe and everything in between, Dr. Paul has you covered. At one point, I told hime that I was experiencing some feelings of vertigo. He had an adjustment for that; I never had my skull adjusted before. All in all, Dr. Paul is fantastic at what he does. I completely trust him with my family’s health.

– Jeff B.

I’ve been having back and neck pain for years, due to construction and an old snowboarding accident. I’ve seen multiple pain therapists, including a year long membership with the Joint. They all seemed to fix the problem a little bit, but it wasn’t until I seeing Dr. Paul Tripp that I started noticing some real progress. After seeing him on and off for the past year now, I can proudly say my back pain has completely subsided. Great chiropractor, even greater personality! Very easy to talk to and will explain everything in detail for you.

– Aaron C.

Paul was very helpful and treated me while we were vacationing. It was such a relief to be relieved of an on coming migraine. He adjusted my spine gently and I trusted him. His help was invaluable. Thank you Dr. Tripp.

– Traci S.

Dr Paul has been my mother’s (91 yrs old) treating chiropractic. She has built a rapport with him and trust him to be patient sympathetic and most important gives her great results without the need of medicine. Her sciatica problem is periodical and when it acts up she will ask me to take her for treatment with Dr Pail. After a few treatments pending the severity she is back to herself. Dr Paul even took the time to call her during all this epidemic issue to check on her and see how she was doing. Another thing my mom seems to appreciate is that he will be honest and direct. As my mother’s caregiver I most definitely trust and seen positive results with my mother. Thank you Dr Paul n God bless

– Jose R.

I happen to stumble on Dr.Tripp by accident after complaining about my back pain at a party . I was given Dr Tripp’s number. after so many years of suffering with back issues, and no help from doctors , pain medication or Acupuncture, my Husband was tired of seeing me in pain day after day; we were desperate, so my husband decided to call him. Calling Dr. Tripp had been the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me . He left me feeling brand new. Now, my entire family and also many of my friends wants to be seen by him . He truly is amazing at his profession and has continuously helped me with so much. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a chiropractor to contact Dr. Tripp.

– Francine G.

Since I had car accident and had my back surgery done 15 years ago, My lower back always give me problems, I have seen a few doctors but the results is not what I hope for! Since I got treated by Dr Paul, my back got much relief and got a lot of advice from Dr Paul and take care my back better! Dr Paul is great if any one have back pain or need adjustment for your body, Call Dr Paul! Highly recommended!

– Joseph K.

Last year I went to see Dr. Paul because my lower back was in pain for long time. I couldn’t lift 5 pound things. And I couldn’t even walk 20 feet. and it is hard for me to straight my back. After I seeing him two times all pain was gone. I got very good treatment. So I would say Dr. Paul is the best Chiropractor.

– Laura X.

Paul is very nice giant, he help me with my lower back issues n my shoulders. Every time feel it coming back in those area I know Paul will me feel a lot better.

– Thomas L.

The last time I saw Dr. Tripp for an adjustment I randomly mentioned that I was skeptical about him being able to help me with a knee problem I had for years. Well I’m still not sure how but my knee hasn’t given me issues in months. His adjustments have always been very helpful when it comes to my neck and back pain. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Tripp for all of his help. Looking forward to my next adjustment.

– Mike G.

Dr Tripp fixed my neck and back problems only two visits. It’s miracle ! My blood pressure was going down and I slept better after his treatments. He is the best Chiropractor I have ever met! Shean C Hu, DDS

– Shean Hu DDS

I have been going to Dr Paul for 5 years and he puts me back together and i’m good for a few more months, he is a gentle giant with a beautiful heart, my daughter 9 years old gets checked also

– Kate B.

Dr. Paul has become my only go-to chiropractor! I’ve always valued chiropractic work, even though I had not been in years. Then I had a small fender-bender that I did not think anything of, and probably 3 weeks later was experiencing pain in my left shoulder, so bad that I could not move. A friend suggested I call Dr. Paul, he spent some time asking thoughtful questions and had a lot of valuable information to share with me about my injury, my lifestyle & sleeping habits, and other tip and tricks to help keep a healthy alignment. I’ve recommended Dr. Paul to everyone who has asked, and some who have not ๐Ÿ™‚ you won’t be disappointed with the service and the added knowledge that you will come away with.

– Julie H.

Paul is great, my wife and I have been using Paul for many many years and always a great outcome. He is very experienced, patient, knowledgable and personable to speak too. He is also very responsive and prompt with calls and texts. Even with little notice, he is able to come through, which is a rare find these days.

– Jason K.

Dr.Paul has been my chiropractor for over 2 years now and man does he not doubt me one bit. Was feeling pain on my lower back one day, so I was in desperate need of help. He makes you feel good as new like if nothing ever happened to you. He’s very professional, Very organized, etc…. if you are looking to feel good as new go to Dr.Paul he’ll get you feeling 100% with his skill. He is very Highly Recommended, Don’t miss out on a very Professional CHIROPRACTOR Thank you Dr.Paul may god forever be in your favor

– Blitz S.

I have been to many chiropractors and I have personally known several. Some have helped and some have even harmed me. Years ago. I had a bad fall that hurt my back and neck (not to mention a concussion). I had been to many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and healers, trying to get my neck to stop hurting. about 8 years ago I ran into Paul at a friends house. He looked at me and asked, “What did you do to your neck?” So I told him. He felt my neck and spine. He grabbed my jaw from behind and lifted my head and moved it back where it belonged. 5 minutes from diagnosis to fixed. No table. No undressing. I was immediately 90% better. Over the next week I was fully recovered. He is the only chiropractor that I will allow to touch me. He always diagnosis me and gets me straightened out. He is very gentle and never hurts me. And he always gets movement in my spine. I really appreciate his skills and personality. Needless to say, I highly recommend him.

– Mitch D.

Dr. Tripp helped me on my whole body adjustment and I felt very balance and walking comfortable after his treatment. He is a great Doctor and I recommend some of my friends to him. He is the best!

– Jean H.

he fixed my back after plane crash, I had a lot of pain and it was difficult to work, He moves everything in my body and I feel amazing afterwards, he is very good doctor, he listens to me and makes me feel better! Thanks Dr Paul

– Sophia J.

Exceptionally good techniques. Highly precise diagnosis and treatment skills. Dr. Paul definitely is my top choice among the many chiropractic, PT and acupuncture practitioners.

– Tung Ping C.

Dr. Paul has been our family go to chiropractor for years. He help fixed my mom back shoulder problems and will explain it to you what’s really happened and also fixed my ankle when I slip and fell from the stairs and hurt my ankle and he came to me that same day and fixed it, he has come to my restaurant and fixed employees with jaw problem and another with knee problem. thank you Dr. Paul. The best chiropractor.

– Freddy T

Been to many Chiropractors because of a work injury and pains and aches because of my fitness lifestyle, and by far, Dr. Tripp has been the best.

– Edgar P.

I have been seeing Dr. Paul Tripp for years and am so grateful for his expertise and his genuine caring that he exhibits for his customized healing sessions

– Illania H.

Dr. Tripp has magic hands. Straight up magic. From the first time he laid hands on me I knew that I would never have another chiropractor ever again. His healing adjustments and patient advice have helped me to eliminate pain, maintain a better posture, and other benefits too numerous to mention. I highly recommend his work!!!

– Dylan S.

Dr. Paul took care my chronic back pain for some times. He is very caring and thorough. He adjusted me completely from neck to feet. So I am totally relaxed from pain and stress.

– Carla S.

Dr. Tripp has given me several adjustments over the year which has helped relieve my lower back. He’s well versed in his profession and he explains his procedures in a great conversational manner with a dab of humor. Perfect for first time and returning patients, Dr. Tripp is highly recommended to set you straight and feeling great!

– Satie G.

Dr. Paul been adjusted my back for years. 30 years of working for the post office carrying mail has taken its toll on my body. I always feel better after I see him. He is very friendly. He is the best chiropractor. Highly recommend him.

– Sonny P.

I highly recommend Dr. Tripp because he is the only chiropractor that has given me relief from back pain, no other doctor or even therapist has been able to accomplish this. He is also very patient and explains to me what causes my back pain and what I can do to help it. He is very professional and makes me feel very comfortable. After, visiting several chiropractors I feel fortunate to have Dr. Tripp and wouldn’t know where else to turn if he weren’t available.

– Almarosa C.

Dr. Paul is extremely professional, caring and helpful. He has made a significant change to my life. I had a head injury in 2015 (15 years old) resulting in severe head and neck pain. Countless neurological appointments and medicines would not help. The has affected my life and study which also made me extremely depressed. After the first time I visited Dr. Paul I felt like I was alive. He did something no other doctor was able to do. The continuing treatment just make me feel better and better. I am very appreciative of his treatment.

– Kiki S.

Dr treated my spine for body tremors and uneven walking gait last October. Had about 12 sessions and had very good results. He is very well trained.

– Paul C.

Dr. Tripp is a fantastic Chiropractor. He is very professional but fun at the same time. He is extremely well practiced at the art of Chiropractic in the classic sense of the word. I have had knee trouble for more than a year after hearing a pop just below my knee. When I said that to him, he knew exactly what to do. He went straight for the spot, ‘popped’ it back in place, and I was healed. everything moved better and the pain in my back stopped too. Sometimes you meet people who ‘just fit’ into the job they have, he is one of those people. He once said, “I get to go to work”. I have never heard him say, “I got to go to work”. Dr. Tripp is a professional in every sense of the word and he deserves to be recognized for his skills and dedication to his work and clients. I donโ€™t know what I can do to repay him because the freedom of movement has given me so much back that I cant thank him enough. I highly recommend him and thank him for his caring.

– JC M.

I really like Dr Paul, he is very patience and caring! I have been seeing him for several years. I just love how relaxed I am when I leave. Recently my son had back pain. I brought him there, he did not really know how to explain his pain to Dr Paul, Dr Paul just asked a different question until he got the information needed, he very patiently talked with him to find out the reason what caused the pain and where exactly the location. After single adjustment, he is fully recovered!

– Tracy N.

Paul is amazing. I’ve been seeing him for several years. He does a great job in adjusting me and knows exactly what I need to get me aligned again. I’ve introduce many of my friends and family to him and all say he’s wonderful. No need to look further if you are looking for a chiropractor he is my go to!

– Tammy N.

Paul is a great chiropractor. The minute I get in the office I am welcomed by his hospitality, super friendly, and loves what he’s doing. He explains what he’s doing and the importance of aligning your body. He aligned my neck, arms, legs, and back and kept me feeling comfortable and safe every step of the way. I’ve been back since and definitely recommend to anybody interested in chiropractic services.

– Cassidy P.

I’m glad I was referred to Dr. Paul. I have seen many Chiropractors through the years, Dr. Paul was different. I came to him because of a neck issue I was having for a long time that would just not go away. With his caring adjustments he cleared up my issue and made me feel so much better. What I really appreciate is he took the time to really explain to me the big picture why Chiropractic care is so important. Now I have a better understanding of how my body works and I am thankful

– Mark S.

I have been seeing Dr Paul Tripp for quite some time and can honestly say best chiropractor I’ve seen. He’s very skilled in his adjustments and I have been able to avoid surgery by going to him. I highly recommend him whether you have a new or old injury. He’s the best!

– Kelly S.

Dr. Paul pulled me out of an abyss of pain and got me walking again. At the end of October 2019, I fell while roller skating and when I hit the floor, I knew right away that I had badly hurt myself. I felt a ripple up through my spine and then had an immediate headache on the top of my head. Three weeks later I was in NC for Thanksgiving when Sciatica came on. That is the worst! So much excruciating pain and I could not stand for more than a minute or walk more than a few feet to the bathroom. I could only lay flat on my back or if I was seated, one foot had to be on the chair seat to angle my hips to a tolerable position. The only way I could walk was hunched over. I looked like a little old lady in a crosswalk who can only see her feet. Twice while I was in NC, I visited 2 different chiropractors (based on availability). I used to be treated by both and the adjustments always helped me in the past. Unfortunately, BOTH missed what was source of my not being able to stand up straight. I managed to get back to California with wheelchair assistance in the airports and the very next day went to my General Doctor who ordered pain meds & X-rays. A chiropractor friend wrote me a prescription for an MRI. All that happened in the first week of December 2020. Turns out that I am the proud owner of 2 bulging disks! (and a wheelchair) Yayyyyyy. L5-S1 and L4-L5 3.2 & 2.2 protrusions, respectively. All of this STILL did not help me stand up straight to walk. I could drive but was unable to walk across the parking lot to the Dr’s office. Sleep was painful and out of reach, I was frustrated and miserable. Then I remembered…. DR PAUL IS MOBILE!!! He makes house calls! I reached out to him and he got back to me right away, came to my house THAT NIGHT and set up his table in the living room. I am not sure what the technique is called but he checks your body by looking at how your feet line up with each other. Misalignments affect posture and balance in the body and can show up as one leg being shorter than the other when lying face down. Dr. Paul looked at my feet and did some double checking and said “oh, your sacrum is out of place” and proceeded with the adjustment. That totally made sense to me because I landed square on my butt when I fell. When he finished a few minutes later, Dr. Paul told me “Stand up and take a few turns around the room.” I gingerly got off the table and slowly stood up. ALL THE WAY UP! I was standing straight up for the first time in a month!!!!! Then I walked all around the room, repeatedly! I was and still am extremely happy!!! Because I started HEALING, I was also able to stop taking the meds a lot sooner than I expected. ๐Ÿ˜€ *Side Note: A few appointments later, I asked Dr. Paul to look at my cat’s limp. He adjusted her too and her limp was gone by next morning. Because of Dr. Paul’s help, I was able to CAREFULLY return to work in mid January of 2020. I have been treated by 7 different Chiropractors over the last 40 years. I trust it and it works. I do not have the words to fully articulate how grateful I am that Dr. Paul is my new Chiropractor. He is the BEST! ๐Ÿ˜€

– Lisa D.

Amazing work what Dr. Paul Tripp has done for my injury that happened over a year ago, Iโ€™ve been dealing with a lot of upper, mid and lower back problems. I am only 20 years old and I felt broken. I was having breathing issues, anxiety and depression. I had stopped running due to the problems. Astonishing work, I am improving more every time I see him. I am running again and even received a new position at work. I have my life back. If you are feeling pain, tense and think this is normal give Dr Paul a call you wonโ€™t regret it.

– Edwin C.

I have known Dr. Paul Tripp for years. He has a family history of professional Chiropractic experience. Whether you are in accidents to just common neck pain from sleeping the wrong way, Dr. Tripp is the one who knows how to adjust you. Very caring and friendly and would recommend to anyone that needs a good Dr.

– Jason L.

I met Dr. Paul Tripp about five years ago and I’ve never looked for another chiropractor. Always so kind and gentle to fix your problem to feel good as new. Dr. Paul is Best in the Business!

– Adrian G.