Shoulder problems are common, and there are several muscles that should be addressed in stabilizing shoulder dysfunction. If the shoulder blade is fixed then the arm can move more easily when the arms raised overhead. Many who have shoulder pain have shrugged shoulders as a result of pastoral tension.

Serratus anterior is helpful in offsetting the tension in the shrugged shoulders. The movement is the 1 to 2 inch punch of your straight arm forward. Bruce lee popularized this calling it the 1 inch punch. It’s a small but potentially powerful movement that grooves the pattern for stabilizing the core while mobilizing the shoulder girdle.

Exercise with resistance band

  • While standing hold one end of a resistance band in each hand
  • Flip the band over your head positioning it mid shoulder
  • With your arms straight out in front of you you should have some resistance on the band if not adjust
  • Now move your hands forward, this should look like a 1 inch punch forward
  • Do this at a easy pace, faster is not better